Discover The Healthy Benefits In Avocadoes!

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At the Heart of the Avocado

When you eat an avocado pit, you’re taking advantage of the antioxidants found within. Some studies have even suggested that over 80 percent of the nutrition of in an avocado can be found in the seed. That is some pretty powerful stuff!

In fact, when examined in a laboratory setting, testing found that the material within the avocado seed actually helped attack the chemicals associated with aging. So, essentially, eating the pit could reverse aging. That is a pretty major finding!

Doctors have also found that the compounds in avocado pits fend off major infections and kill bacteria. You also reap the benefits in the form of fiber, which help keep your colon healthy and wards off diabetes. Fiber is essential to keeping the human body healthy, and it has been known to help reset the human gut. Avocado seeds are good sources of fiber, and when paired with antioxidants, they deliver a one-two punch to the immune system.


All Hail the Mighty Avocado

Back in the day, avocados were resented and believed to be high in fat, but now we know that couldn’t be further from the truth. Avocadoes are actually high in fiber but have acceptable levels of saturated fats (the good kind).

The best thing about introducing avocadoes into your diet. The fiber found in them actually helps you feel satisfied and less prone to snacking between meals. When paired with a healthy diet, avocadoes can even help you lose weight by reducing the urge to snack. Couple that with fiber that aids your gut and promotes digestion and you’ll be reaping some major benefits. If you are keen to start adding avocado seed to your diet, you should be aware that the seed does have quite a potent taste.

In fact, the avocado seed can be very bitter on its own, which is why many people opt to mix it into their food. You can put the powder into a variety of recipes, even into spaghetti sauce, to handle the flavor.

You’ll still get all the benefits no matter how you decide to eat it and to top it off, avocado seed has actually been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease. It is also showing promise in the area of cancer prevention.


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If you can, give avocadoes another chance. If you love avocadoes, you may want to consider grinding up the seed, so that way you’ll get all the benefits available. Don’t worry about the fats associated with the avocado itself — when ingested in moderation these fats actually balance each other out and promote a healthier lifestyle through portion reduction. Now you can enjoy perfectly chosen avocadoes on a daily basis and know that you’re helping your heart and immune system through its powerful antioxidants. So go ahead, give avocadoes a try today!



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