Discover The Healthy Benefits In Avocadoes!

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If you love avocadoes, you know that they are incredible when it comes to adding flavor to your meals. Not are avocadoes well known as an ingredient in guacamole, they make great garnishes for salad or even spreads on sandwiches. You can even eat avocadoes as a standalone snack — they are great with just a little olive oil and salt.

One of the facts about avocados you may not have realized is that they fall into the superfood category. That’s right! Avocadoes are packed with loads of micronutrients and components that make up a healthy diet. They are high in vitamins and minerals and also contain what many call the “good fats.”

If you’re a fan of avocadoes, you also know that they can work wonders when it comes to protecting yourself from diseases and health issues. For one, avocadoes help protect your heart. They can also pack a lot of nutrients to boost your immune system and prevent cancer. That is truly amazing! You may not know this, but avocadoes also work to protect your eyes and ears, so they actually protect your vision and your hearings. How cool is that?


Should I Keep the Pit?

When most people prepare an avocado, they throw away the pit. Nowadays we know that the seed found at the core of the avocado may contain some of the highest concentrations of antioxidants known to man! Just think, we were throwing this thing away the entire time!

In fact, the seed, or pit as it is commonly called, contains some of the highest concentrations of nutrients when compared to the rest of the fruit. The heart of the matter comes down to this. The pit of the avocado concentrates all of those powerful antioxidants into one place — the seed itself. Not only that, but the pit is a major source of fiber, which is incredibly important to keeping healthy. So how do you get into that pit and reap all the benefits for yourself? It can be a tough nugget to crack, for sure.

The easiest way to get nutritional value from the seed of the avocado is to dry it out and then grind it into a powder. To dry out your avocado seed, simply place it into the oven. Once the seed has dried out you can then chop or grate the pit. Once grated, the pit can be ground further to create a powder. If you like it more fine, keep grinding or try a spice grinder or blender. Once you get the consistency right, you can put the powder into smoothies or yogurt. Really, the possibilities are endless.

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