Eggs Are More Harmful Than Cigarettes? Video

Shocking information appeared in mass media recently. The headlines told us that eggs were even more harmful for our bodies than cigarettes.

Having been impressed by such a piece of news, Dr. Mercola decides to clarify whether mass media is right, or if it’s just another way of manipulating facts. According to the news, research was done, and it showed that eggs were nearly as harmful and dangerous for our arteries as cigarettes. 1,200 people participated in the tests, all of them were examined, and a terrible secret was discovered.

Dr. Mercola highlights some of the points for you to avoid an incorrect interpretation of the findings. Watch the video and tell us who you believe more.


One Comment

  1. Anto

    Jun 27, 2016 at 9:40 am

    Let’s think about it; what causes eggs to have a supply of cholesterol? Animals produce cholesterol on demand, for the various purposes mentioned in Dr M’s address. Eggs don’t have livers so the cholesterol in eggs comes from something that’s going on in the hen. What might that be? Hens lay something like 10 times as many eggs as other birds or animals, perhaps more. Why? Because they’ve been used as commercial egg producers for centuries perhaps and so have been selectively bred for high egg production. If that’s so then we can understand why they would have significant levels of cholesterol in their bodies, cholesterol being a precursor to sex hormones. You could conclude that hens have unnaturally, and unhealthily, high levels of chicken sex hormones in their bodies – in their tissues and fluids, and in their eggs – and therefore unnaturally high levels of cholesterol in their eggs.
    The cholesterol humans produce is a necessary, healthy substance for us. Is chicken cholesterol also healthy for humans? Maybe, I don’t know. The thing is though, we don’t need it. We can produce all the cholesterol we need, eating only vegetables. Even though chicken cholesterol may be OK to eat, I’m not so sure about eating meat and eggs with elevated levels of sex hormones in them. If like me you have risk factors for prostate cancer, or if you’re female, breast cancer e.g., then maybe you don’t want to be eating a lot of eggs or chicken. And you don’t want to be drinking cow’s milk or eating dairy products, dairy cows are kept pregnant all year round and have high levels of sex hormones, which presumably would be in their milk, along with cow cholesterol. I’m a retired nutrition therapist and I decided to go vegan a while ago, as a precaution against prostate cancer. I like being vegan, I don’t like what happens to animals raised to be food for humans – that we don’t need to be eating, we just do it for luxury. But that shouldn’t influence anyone else, it’s a personal choice. If I hadn’t had high PSA I’d maybe still be eating animals. Maybe not though.