End Smelly Feet For Good!

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We all have dealt with a smelly pair of shoes, and it’s no picnic! Now that summer is here, many of us tend to just slip on our shoes and give socks a break for a few months. Going without socks is the beginning of smelly feet starts for many people. When you go sockless, your shoes are exposed to your bare feet for many days in a row and that can foster the growth of bacteria. You may be wondering: Is there a way I can cure my smelly feet? The short answer is that yes, you can!

There’s really nothing worse than a smelly pair of shoes. Shoes retain the smell because they are constantly in contact with your feet, but you can get rid of the stink by addressing your foot problems.


Why Do My Feet Stink?

Your feet stink or start to stink because they are sweating, and the glands in your feet actually produce “sweat” all the time. It is the body’s way of keeping your feet oiled up and moisturized, but this can also contribute to the problem. When this sweat breaks down, it comes in contact with the bacteria in your shoes and creates odor.

The best way to keep your feet smelling good is to wear socks. Socks help prevent the growth of bacteria because they absorb the sweat. Socks are also important because they protect your feet and cushion against the sole of your shoe itself. When your feet rub constantly on your shoe, it can cause injuries which are a vector for disease.   Socks protect your feet from all of these issues.


Things to Avoid If Your Shoes Smell

Some of you may be wondering if there are ways to get around smelly shoes or foot odor, beyond the above list. You may have even tried a few of these yourself. There are just some things you should avoid when trying to get rid of foul-smelling shoes.

Don’t spray anything into your shoes to make them smell better. Sprays keep your shoes wet and foster the growth of bacteria and may even make the smell worse. This includes things like cologne or antiperspirant.

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Photo credit: bigstock.com

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Treating Smelly Shoes

Smelly shoes often come from going without socks and you are probably already aware of it if there is a problem. There’s no hiding that smell when your shoes reek! If you prefer to go without socks, there are some things you can do to keep your shoes smelling good. The big thing to remember is that odor emanates from bacteria and the sweat your feet produce.

The easiest way to combat bacteria and keep your shoes smelling fresh is to keep them clean. You also want to make sure they are as dry as possible, every day. You’ll also want to make sure you wash your feet on a daily basis, too.

You can also target the bacteria that causes the foul smells. The best way to do this is to make a solution and spray your feet or soles of your shoes directly. Vinegar is one of the best ways to kill bacteria, but be sure that your feet or shoes are dry before you put your shoes back on.

Baking your shoes in the sun is a great way to not only keep them dry but also air them out. When you expose your shoes to the sun it also kills odor-causing bacteria — so it is a win-win.

You can also try buying a pair of odor-killing in soles such as “Odor Eaters” or comparable brands. These work by using charcoal to kill bacteria as well as absorb odor. Foot powders may also work by killing the bacteria directly on your feet.

If you have enough pairs of shoes, you can even switch them out from day to day. When you do, you give them time to dry between wearing. Having multiple pairs of shoes can be a great way to reduce foot and shoe odor.


What to Do When You’ve Tried Everything

If you’ve tried everything on this list and are still having trouble, you may just have to suck it up and wear socks.


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Of course, if going barefoot inside your shoes is what you enjoy, you can always look for thin or low cut options when it comes to socks. Of course, socks may not be your “thing,” but they are the best way to protect your feet and keep the odor at bay.