Energy Drinks: Beyond Dangerous, They Can Be Deadly!


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Energy drinks: they are all around us. They give us wings, turn us into rock stars and monsters, but are they dangerous? Health experts everywhere say: YES!

It’s more than just the sugar or aspartame. In fact, a recent story out of England states that one bodybuilder, who drank 7 to 8 energy drinks each day, recently died of liver failure at the ripe old age of 39.

Dean Wharmby’s doctors found a very large tumor on his liver in 2010. He immediately changed his diet, refused surgery or radiation treatments, cut red meat and sugar out of his diet and took mega doses of vitamins, but doctors say it was too late.

Although no one knows for certain, his father is saying that he thought the energy drinks played at least a part in his son’s death. Most liver diseases are due to toxins or alcoholism, but fatty foods and high amounts of sugar can cause a condition known as non-alcoholic steotohepatitis. This leads to liver cancer and liver failure. Researchers and top scientists believe that sugar molecules, including the ones found in meat products, can possibly trigger an immune response that leads to inflammation of the liver, eventually resulting in liver cancer or tumors on the liver.

Energy drinks have been linked to as many as 184,000 deaths around the world in the past 5 years. If that doesn’t sound like much to you, consider this: these are only the deaths that are believed to have been related to energy drinks. Think about all the people who could have died from these caffeinated drinks and no one suspected. Or how many people are made sick by them, but no one has made the connection.

If you didn’t hear about this man’s death through the mainstream media, don’t be too surprised. Mainstream media is loath to pin the blame on products that their network might be running commercials for. They will tell you that there is no connection between cancer and sugar, but the truth is we do know that there is a link! There are numerous studies proving this fact over and over again.

One study, which was published in the 2010 journal Cancer Research, found that cancer cells easily metabolized high fructose corn syrup to increase their levels of proliferation. The authors of this study found that not only does sugar feed cancer cells, but that these cells used it for cell division, increasing the rate at which cancer grows and spreads.

If you think about it, processed sugar is completely unnecessary in a person’s diet. Humans have lived for millions of years without it, so why do we feel we need to consume it now? Not only consume it, but consume it in large quantities?

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