Essential Oils Most Beneficial For Stretch Marks, Scars, And Dark Spots

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Everyone tries to keep their body in good shape, eat well, exercise and do what they can to stay healthy. Sometimes, life throws in a little wrench in the form of stretch marks, scars or dark spots and all of a sudden that body you’ve tried so hard to maintain seems less than what you want. Now, most people don’t care for stretch marks, or spots of any kind, so they look for any solution possible. Stretch marks are caused by the unnatural stretching of the connective tissue under the skin which causes the top layers of the skin to break and reveal the layers underneath. Scars are usually due to some kind of skin irritation, such as acne, breaking of the skin due to falls or breaks or any other kind of skin damage. Dark spots can be from sunburns, birth marks, freckles, or any other reason that caused excess melanin to gather in one spot on the body.

Although there are quite a few options for getting rid of stretch marks, scars and dark spots, one of the best and least invasive ways is with essential oils. Essential oils are not only a safe and natural way to take care of any scars or stretch marks, but they are also quite effective at doing so. The best essential oils to use are those that are organic and as pure as possible which means that they will be potent. Therefore, the essential oils should be mixed with carrier oils to keep them from being irritating to the skin. Some good carrier oils include almond oil, apricot oil, apricot oil, jojoba, and carrot seed oil. Of course, you should always make sure before you start applying an oil regularly that you are not allergic to it so dab on an small area first.

The following oils are great for stretch marks and any kind of scar or dark spot on the body. These oils help to lessen the appearance of marks, and fade them completely in most cases, but they will only do so in a longer amount of time. It will take a few weeks, if not months, for you to see complete results so don’t be discouraged if you don’t see results within a short amount of time. Essential oils are still a better option than going under the knife for surgery to fix marks on your body. Read on below for a list of essential oils that will help with stretch marks, scars, or dark spots.


Helychrysum Oil

One of the best oils for stretch marks, helychrysium oil is known as the everlasting oil because it comes from the silver-green leaves of an evergreen plant. This oil helps to improve the blood circulation and repair damaged skin but it is also a diuretic, astringent, analgesic, antispasmodic, and a very strong anti-inflammatory. The fact that it helps to repair damaged skin also makes it very helpful in its use against scars.


Sage Oil

Sage oil is steam extracted from the plant and it is one of the most beneficial oils for pregnant women to use. Pregnant women can use this oil as a preventative method against stretch marks or if they want to continue with healing methods against scars or dark spots. Sage oil is wonderful at promoting blood flow in the body and it can be used a few ways to be beneficial to the body. It can be used directly onto the skin by massaging or putting a few drops into a bath.

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Rosehip Oil

The rosehip essential oil is high in fatty acids and it is a great source of anti-oxidants which makes it ideal for use on any kind of skin ailment. Rosehip also includes a form of Vitamin A that is similar to a vitamin used in most anti-aging products, Retin-A. Rosehip oil can be massaged directly onto the skin and provides a wonderful boost to the skins moisture as well. It can intensify the appearance of acne on the skin though so use with caution if you are particularly prone to acne. Even so, the oil regenerates the skin and even helps to safeguard it from future damage.


Lavender Oil

This calming oil is most known for its ability to help children sleep but it is also surprisingly a good way to get rid of stretch marks. The oil also has a calming effect on the skin and is good at creating an even tone which is quite beneficial for areas that have scars or dark spots. It is also a good way to rejuvenate the skin which makes it a common ingredient in many face creams and anti-aging creams. You can skip the expensive creams and use lavender oil all by itself though, simply mixing it with some carrier oil and massaging it gently into the skin.


Neroli Oil

A regenerative and restorative oil, neroli is extracted from orange blossoms and it has a delightful smell. The oil also fixes sagging skin and helps to check the growth of stretch marks. Although this oil doesn’t help to reverse stretch marks, it is wonderful to use when you expect the appearance of stretch marks such as when you become pregnant or lose or gain weight.


Patchouli Oil

This oil is very good at helping the skin to recover and get rid of scars, even scars that are large or deep in nature. The oil stimulates tissue regeneration which is how it helps to even out the skin and take care of scars. It also is great at moisturizing the skin which means that it works for stretch marks as well. Using this oil as a massage oil is a great way to help the areas of your skin that need it.


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These above six essential oils are some of the most potent when it comes to making dark spots and scars, as well as stretch marks, disappear from the body. They are usually easy to find and can be applied directly to the body with carrier oils. Other remedies for helping to heal the skin can also be utilized in conjunction with essential oils, such as drinking enough water and using body scrubs, to make the process more effective. In any case, essential oils are quite effective on their own and make wonderful home remedies for any skin ailment that you might have.