Every Day Foods That Are Destroying Your Teeth (It’s Not Candy)

Microwave popcorn

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You have probably heard that eating candy, hard candy, or chewing ice can ruin your teeth. You might have also heard that drinking coffee, red wine, or tea will cause ugly stains.

Well, while some of the above is true, there is probably nothing more damaging than some of the foods we eat regularly. Common foods that we don’t even think twice about eating or drinking.

Although most of us take our teeth for granted, we shouldn’t. Do you remember your last trip to the dentist? Do you remember swearing that you would take care of your teeth from now on? Finding out which foods are ruining your teeth would be a good start.

Wanna know if you are destroying your teeth without ever being aware of it? Keep reading and find out which 7 foods are the worst when it comes to your teeth.


1. Certain Snacks

Do you like popcorn or dried fruits as snacks? If so, you aren’t alone!

Although the sugars in dried fruits are completely natural, your teeth don’t know the difference. Your body will, but to your teeth, sugar is sugar whether it’s from dried fruit, a soda, or a piece of licorice.

Popcorn produces a very strong acid in the mouth, strong enough to damage your teeth. Even plain, air popped popcorn is very acidic.

Try to eat snacks that contain more water such as celery, watermelon, apples, and pears. The more water a fruit or vegetable has, the less sugar it contains, which means the less damage to your teeth.

By the way, after eating fruit or eating popcorn, don’t brush your teeth right away. This will simply rub the acid right into the enamel of your teeth. Rinse with clear water, and then wait about 30 minutes for your saliva, and the water, to greatly reduce the acid level in your mouth.

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