Everything You Need To Know About Restless Legs Syndrome

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Home treatments

Here are some home treatments which may also help ease symptoms:

  • Massaging your calf muscles just before bedtime may help to relive pain and twitches, and allow you to get some peaceful sleep.
  • A specially designed brush for the legs which helps to stimulate the blood flow, is available from health stores. This can be used as many times per day as you feel necessary.
  • A warm shower or bath before bedtime will also help ease systems by getting the blood flowing.
  • Regular exercise during the day may help. A short walk in the evening, some yoga or stretching before bed, could also do the trick.
  • Stress and anxiety tend to worsen the symptoms, and finding some natural ways to reduce stress can put an end to a distressing cycle of anxiety and symptoms. There are foods which help with anxiety, and also natural supplements with no side effects which can help you keep calm.

Deep breathing exercises and positive affirmations can help to relieve stress as well.



Because there is no medical cure for RLS, most treatments are aimed at reducing the symptoms.


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Many successes have been reported regarding natural and home-grown treatments, but without exception these have not been cures, but rather successes in managing and controlling symptoms.

Research is ongoing, and experts agree that when a definite cause of the condition is firmly established, effective treatment which could lead to a complete cure of RLS, will surely soon follow.




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