Gain More Energy & Kill Brain Fog With A Sugar-Detox

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Benefits of a Sugar Detox

A sugar detox is a program in which the participant eliminates specific, sugar-rich food items from their diet. Eating foods with specific traits listed here will make you fuller and eliminate cravings that cause you to overeat. They will also not wreak havoc on blood glucose levels.

First, let’s talk about what’s NOT allowed for the duration of your detox.

  • Candy
  • Sugary condiments (table sugar, coffee sweeteners, syrups, etc)
  • Liquid sugars- soda, sugary fruit juices, sports drinks, energy drinks
  • Pastries, cakes, donuts and other sugary baked goods
  • White breads and pasta (go for the whole wheat/whole grain variety instead)
  • Sugary breakfast items (cereals, toaster pastries, etc)

1. Eat more complex carbohydrates. Many people know that vegetables are rich in vitamins, but they can also play a key role in eliminating sugar cravings and help you feel satisfied for a longer period of time. Vegetables contain complex carbohydrates, which unlike refined sugars take a long time to digest. This will keeping you feeling satisfied for a while after eating. Good sources of complex carbs include leafy green vegetables, whole grains, legumes like lentils and beans and peas, and starchy vegetables like sweet potatoes or pumpkin.

2. Eat More Protein and Fat. Protein-rich foods are highly nutritious and will keep you feeling stronger, satisfied and more energetic all day long. Eggs are cheap and the protein they contain is among the most bioavailable in the world (they’re also rich in good fats omega-3 fatty acids). Olive and coconut oil are a superb source of healthy fats. Fish and selected meats are also essential if you’re not a vegetarian.

3. Stay Hydrated. Don’t reach for a sports drink, those are loaded with sugars. Just plain old water will do the trick.


If you need something sweet, try these instead. Fresh fruits are an acceptable substitute for your sugar-rich favorites. Also, in small quantities some dark chocolate is allowed. Only use varieties in the 70% cacao or higher ranger, and only consume 1 serving size per day.


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Try doing this for 7 days and assess how you feel. You’ll be astonished by your higher and more balanced levels of energy, mental clarity, and improved mood. Once you experience what life is like after sugar addiction, you’ll never want to go back. Like the old saying goes, “Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels!”


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