GMO Bacon?! Say It Isn’t So!

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This monetary grant was issued the exact same day that the FDA announced its findings on the Aqua Bounty Inc. Salmon, which is modified to contain genes from both a pout fish and a Chinook salmon so that it will grow to maturity (read: ready to eat) in half the time that a regular salmon takes to develop.

The recipient of the USDA funding was Recombinetics, Inc. This company says that its genetic modification will be used to create female pigs that will not reach sexual maturity. Recombinetics believes that by using monosexing and infertility they can control the dispersion of genetics from their engineered animals, which will introduce these GM animals into the food and biomedical marketplace.

The biomedical marketplace? Heavens, we thought we were only talking about meatier animals for the breakfast table!


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Actually, the UDSA offered 11 grants for the funding of biotech work including another half  million dollar grant given to the State University of New York, College of Environmental Sciences and Forestry. This was to evaluate the environmental impact of their maturing transgenic American chestnut tree and their nut crop in comparison to the conventional chestnut tree and their nut production.

First fruits and vegetables, and now nuts and bacon. What is the world coming to, friends? Where will all this madness end? What will happen when the only food we have left to eat that hasn’t been made into a GM monster is dog food?

Oh wait. Perhaps that’s already happened. We need to read some labels first.


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