GMO’s Have Never Been Shown to be Safe

Those who preach the good qualities of GMO foods often state that the technology used is completely safe for humans and that those who object to using GMO foods, or those who demand to have them labeled, is somehow a conspiracy nut. But the fact of the matter is GMO’s have never been proven to safe for human consumption. There are absolutely no long-term studies that prove that human consumption of GMO’s is safe. NONE.

However, Big Agra companies won’t ever tell you that. Instead, they will flood the media with attacks on anyone who questions the safety of their product. Our science says that our products are safe so they must be.  They hold up studies that involve only animals as “proof” that their product is safe for humans. Anyone who questions the safety of GMO’s is dismissed as being “anti-science”.


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Does anyone need reminding that some scientists also defend added sugar, salt, processed foods, and food additives as being “safe” for humans also? The main problem with the logic of Big Agra trotting out those animal studies is that they aren’t at all what they seem.  It’s true that animal studies can have great value because if something causes harm or damage to the animal tested, chances are good that it will have negative or damaging effects on humans as well. The problem is some of the animal studies performed HAVE found harm from a GMO diet. Not only that, but perhaps the main point that should be brought to the public’s attention is, simply because an animal study does NOT find that a particular substance, in this case GMO food, caused harm to an animal, it can still cause harm to human beings.

A perfect example of this is artificial sweeteners. The FDA approved these artificial sweeteners for use after reviewing animal studies. Only after these sweeteners were added to general food supply (Take note, they were also labeled as such, but that’s another issue), were scientists able to do observational studies with humans. Much later it has been discovered that these artificial sweeteners are linked to numerous negative health effects.

When you consider that the gene regulation, expression, and biology between humans and animals, as well as the impact that a substance can have on a particular gene, and how it can vary greatly, it makes sense that considering animal research as your only litmus test for determining the long term health effects of GMO foods in humans is not the best means of deciding what is safe for human consumption and what is not.

In order to do observational studies with human beings, however, we must first LABEL GMO foods so that we can determine their risk. How can we judge what GMO foods are doing or not doing to people if we aren’t sure whether or not they are eating them? Read also how to avoid GMO foods at grocery store.

This is one aspect of the entire GMO debate that has never really been opened up for debate. If GMO’s are actually safe for human consumption, as Big Agra claims, then why have there been no long term behavioral studies performed? Also, if you pay attention to the studies proponents bring out defending GMO’s, they only cover about a three month period. Why is that?

These are valid questions that deserve valid answers, but it doesn’t look like we are going to be getting these anytime soon. Any questions that are presented regarding the safety of GMO foods will get you labeled as either someone who hates science or someone who is a conspiracy nut. These kinds of labels are personal attacks that don’t answer the questions posed, but this is typical behavior from those within this powerful lobby. Find out 5 myths GMO companies want you to believe.

There is a wide spread and growing concern about GMO foods. So much so that almost 300 scientists from around the world have signed a statement that admits that GMO’s have never been proven safe. In order to prove the safety of GMO foods, one must begin by assuming that they can be harmful, and then conducts studies proving that they are not. This has not happened with GMO foods. In fact, without labels, we can’t even be 100 percent sure which products contain GMO foods. Learn how to detox body from GMO.

Without long term studies, involving humans, (and this would mean products need labeling), then no one, absolutely no one, can claim that GMO’s have been “proven” to be safe.

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