Got Belly Fat You Can’t Get Rid Of? These Could Be The Reason Why!

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Although many of us have tried, most have failed to lose that old Santa belly. Not only is it unsightly, it is exhausting to push it out in front of you all day, it makes you feel bloated, and it is not the tiniest bit sexy.

It seems as if many Americans, of all shapes and sizes, have this same problem. We try everything to burn off that belly, including pills, powders, crazy diets, and machines that are supposed to shake off the fat, but the problem remains.

Why is this?

Fat around the belly actually causes inflammation. Chronic levels of inflammation are the root cause of many systemic diseases that are linked to metabolic syndrome. This is why it is important to get rid of belly fat before it gets rid of us.

Losing belly fat really boils down to three seldom-considered factors. If you have tried just about everything to lose that tummy but it refuses to budge, keep reading. The following are the top three reasons you just can’t win the battle of the bulge.


1. Our Exercise Choices

What do you think of when you want to lose weight? Cardio, of course. But think about this: how many people do you see on the treadmills with bigger than normal waistlines? Plenty, right? This is because cardio really doesn’t work when it comes to belly fat. The majority of your workout should be interval training, not plain aerobics.

This doesn’t mean that cardio is bad; it just means that if removing belly fat is what you want, then you need to look at intensity, not length of time. Several studies have confirmed that performing aerobic exercise at high intensity levels with short rest periods in-between is best for burning fat. You can burn more belly fat in a high intensity interval training session than in a 45-minute cardio session.

Who doesn’t want to get more benefits in less time?!

One study, done in 2009, found that just six HIIT sessions over a two-week period increased the potential for fatty acid oxidation. This means it burned more fat overall. To get the maximum results, work out at your maximum intensity with short rest periods in between three to five times each week.

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2. We Don’t Strength Train

Working our core muscles and performing strength training can be super rewarding as you can see the results of your hard work in a matter of days. You will be able to beat your previous rep number or increase your weight fairly quickly. This is also the best way to increase your HGH (Human Growth Hormone), which is the hormone that is responsible for muscle growth and the metabolism of fat. Sit-ups aren’t going to get rid of that belly, and neither will crunches. Planks are a better bet if you are going to do some floor exercises. One of the best exercise routines involves doing HIIT training three days each week and strength training two days each week.

If you are new to weight training, be sure to consult an expert or a trainer to ensure that you are doing the exercises correctly. Weight lifting can cause you a great deal of harm if you don’t do it properly.


3. We Diet Rather Than Change Our Diet

Processed grains such as crackers, pasta and white bread greatly increase the inflammation levels in our bodies. Belly fat is associated with inflammation, which means that eating a diet made up of mostly processed foods will make belly fat stick to you like gum on your shoe.

Most people are also unaware that leptin also plays a huge part in weight gain and belly fat. Leptin is a hormone that is actually produced by our fat cells. Leptin is every bit as important as insulin when it comes to diabetes and other diseases. It will impact how much you eat and how much fat your body burns. Leptin resistance is what will cause your body to make and place that visceral fat around your waistline.

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So how does one become resistant to leptin? This happens when we eat a diet high in sugar and carbs.

You can stop this in two easy steps:

1. Stop eating processed foods and start eating a more natural, whole food diet. This includes eating plenty of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables.

2. Swap out carbs for healthy fats. Our bodies prefer healthy fats to carbs. Avoid all processed vegetable oils such as canola oil and corn oil, as well as all trans fats. Eat more healthy fats such as organic butter, eggs, avocados, nuts, and coconut oil.

Keep in mind that there is no magic pill you can take to make your belly disappear overnight. Losing belly fat will still take some work and a bit of time. Although some people see results very quickly, don’t give up if it takes you a bit longer. Be consistent with your exercise and diet and you will see results. Don’t lose your patience and go back to your old habits.

One of the best ways to get rid of belly fat is to not only make a plan and stick to it, but to get inspired. Find a friend who will provide you with support. Make an upbeat playlist on your phone so that you can work out to some great tunes, put a motivational picture in front of you or make a contest with your friends or co-workers of who can lose the most inches in 6 weeks. Don’t be afraid to be creative! Boredom is the death of most diet and exercise plans, so whatever you have to do to mix things up and keep yourself on track is a good plan!


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Don’t think of losing weight as a chore or as work, make it fun! Make it rewarding. Buy yourself a new outfit or take pictures of yourself each week and revel in your progress! You can do it! We believe in you!




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