Got Wisdom Tooth Pain? We Have 15 Solutions! (#10 is Insane!)

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7. Tea Bag

If you have a green tea or herbal tea bag, that is preferable to a regular tea bag but if a regular tea bag is all you have, it will still work. Make yourself a nice cup of tea and when the tea bag is cool enough to handle, place it on the cheek side, facing the aching tooth. This should work in about 10 minutes. Replace the tea bag as needed with a fresh one.


8. Olive Oil

Olive oil has benefits from head to toe no matter if you apply it topically or take it internally. Something most people don’t know is that olive oil is also a remarkable pain reliever. Warm some olive oil and then pour a small amount into the ear on the side where the tooth hurts. Lie down and let the oil do its job.


9. Tea Tree Oil

This oil, used for thousands of years by the Aboriginal people of Australia, can be directly rubbed on the gum below the tooth that hurts. You may find this oil is strong for you, so consider diluting it with the olive oil.

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