Hidden Dangers Of Mammograms All Women Should Know About

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4. Your immune system is your strongest defence against breast cancer

A breast cancer surgeon from UCLA, Susan Love, states that around 30 percent of any tumors found through a mammogram would go away on their own. With the effects that many of the treatments used to eliminate tumors being so detrimental to your health, it is less destructive to let the tumors heal on their own.


5. More breast cancer has been found through self-exams

With mammograms proving to be more harmful to women, along with the effects of the false-positive readings and radiation exposure, it’s ironic that 70 percent of breast cancer is discovered through self-exams.


6. Vitamin D is more effective in killing cancer cells that most breast cancer drugs

Researchers from the State University of New York in Albany found that when they injected a strong form of vitamin D directly into breast cancer cells, at least half of them withered away on their own and died in just a few days. The vitamin was able to have better results destroying the cancer cells without any side effects than the prescribed cancer medication.

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