Hidden Dangers Of Mammograms All Women Should Know About

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7.  Mammograms may cause you to develop cancer

Premenopausal women who have screening mammograms have an increased risk of getting cancer. The procedure squeezes the breast tissue with enough force to hurt the smaller blood vessels, possibly spreading any cancer cells that may already be there to other parts of the body.


8. An incorrect diagnosis can be up to 100 percent

If a woman has a history of breast cancer in her family and has a background of beginning menstruation at an early age, the chances of being diagnosed with breast cancer using a screening mammogram when there really is no cancer present can be up to 100 percent.

With all of these disturbing facts, what alternatives do you have that are not only safe but reliable? Your best option would be thermography.


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This procedure has been around since the 1960’s and is not invasive or toxic and is able to provide accurate results based on heat readings and the differences in the tissues and surrounding areas of the breasts. While the original equipment may be outdated, it has recently been improved, and the technology is much more dependable. Talk to your doctor before submitting to the routine mammogram to determine your best procedure for breast cancer screening.




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