How Knitting Can Improve Your Health!


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2. Prevents Arthritis

Many people seem to think that the human body is simply a bio-mechanical machine, but this is an incorrect way to think of yourself. Your muscles and joints react differently than machinery does to physical exertion. When the activity is performed properly, the body does not wear down, but gets stronger with use. This applies just as much to knitting as it does to Olympic weightlifting.

Knitting can be a good, low-intensity workout for the small joints and muscles of the hands and wrists, as well as the forearms. The act of knitting causes fluid to flow more freely around the cartilage in the knuckles and wrists, which helps prevent the onset of arthritis. Knitting has also demonstrated effectiveness in preventing tendonitis.

While some may think that typing on the computer can provide the necessary stimulation to prevent such maladies, but the fact is that knitting requires far more dexterity and offers much more health benefits. Typing does not stimulate the muscles and joints enough to prevent the onset of degenerative conditions.

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