How To Choose The Right Tea For Every Health Problem

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10. Got a UTI?

Most people turn to cranberry juice for their urinary tract infection, but finding organic, unsweetened juice can be difficult. Next time, try juniper berry tea. This tea works great for UTIs and is a nice alternative to cranberry juice.


11. Got Gas?

Not only is gas painful sometimes, it’s really embarrassing in the wrong situations! (Can you say three hour closed door meeting?) Next time gas strikes, try lemongrass tea. Lemongrass is perhaps the best tea to stop bloat and gas.


12. Got a Cold?

When you catch a cold or flu bug, try making some lemon myrtle tea with honey. This tea has a super tangy lemony taste that you will love. If you find it too strong, mix it with any other black or green tea. Adding some raw, organic honey (or Manuka honey if you can find it) will really go a long way towards relieving your cold symptoms and put you back on the road to recovery. Find out more natural remedies for cold and flu.

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