How To Clear Your Sinuses Without Drugs In 60 Seconds

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Everyone, at some point, has experienced the feeling of sinus congestion: headaches, difficulty breathing through the nose, the loss of the sense of smell, and even a change in the sound of your voice. There are many things that can cause sinus congestion, but for most people, the solution is usually the same: over-the-counter drugs.

While these drugs do work, they often have undesirable side effects like drowsiness, and there is also the cumulative effect of taking pharmaceutical medicines on a regular basis that can take a toll on the body over time.

The good news is that there is now a safe alternative: in this article, you will learn about a chemical-free solution to clear your sinuses that takes only about a minute, and is absolutely free.


A Brief Explanation of the Sinuses and Sinus Congestion

In order to understand how to clear the sinuses, it is necessary to have a grasp of what exactly the sinuses are, and what is happening when they become congested.

The sinuses are a series of small air cavities in the skull, located within the cheek bones, behind the nose and in the forehead. They are connected to the throat and nasal passages and represent the uppermost components of the respiratory tract.

Sometimes, these cavities can become inflamed and filled with mucus and cause sinus congestion. There are many different things which can cause this to happen, and the medicinal treatments will vary depending on the specific cause. Some of the most common diseases and environmental factors which can cause sinus congestion include:

  • The common cold
  • Flu
  • Nasal polyps
  • Deviated septum
  • Sinusitis
  • Allergens and dust particles

Regardless of what is causing it, the symptoms of sinus congestion will usually be the same: uncomfortable pressure in the sinus cavities, headaches, and difficulty breathing linked to the inflammation and mucus buildup.

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What Is the Drug-Free Way to Clear the Sinuses?

If you have a serious illness like the flu which is causing the sinus pressure, you should still take your medicine. However, you will still benefit from using this technique to clear your sinuses.

By applying pressure to the sinuses with the hands in a specific way, you can utilize the force of gravity to drain your sinuses naturally and breathe easier. Here’s how to do it:

1. Position your body so that you are leaning back at a 45-degree angle. This is important for helping drain the fluid in your sinuses.

2. While sitting back in this position, turn your head to the side and rub the sternocleidomastoid muscle up and down, about four or five times (this is the muscle on the side of the neck which begins below the ear and runs down the collarbone). Turn your head again and repeat on the other side.

3. With your fingers, rub the sides of your nose, just below where the bony upper section meets the softer, lower part. Massage these areas in a circular motion as hard as you can for about 20 seconds. After this, rub the same area and the parts of the nose connecting to the cheek bones to relax them further.

4. After this, locate the super orbital notch, on top of the eye socket above the eyes. Massage these notches, again, in a circular motion, for 20 seconds. Then move to the forehead, and massage above the eyes in an outward motion (pulling toward the ears) for another 20 seconds or so.

The pressure exerted on the sinuses by these massages, combined with the angle of your body, will cause the mucus to drain out the sinuses and back down the throat. You will be able to breathe easier and be free of headaches and congestion.

Obviously the old saying about an ounce of prevention being worth a pound of cure still applies here. You can avoid many sinus issues by keeping your living space clean to reduce dust accumulation, using a humidifier, and eating a balanced, healthy diet to ensure a strong immune system.


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Still, sinus pressure happens to almost everyone at some point. The next time you are experiencing sinus discomfort, try this technique before resorting to an over-the-counter drug. Sometimes it may be all you need to breathe free again.