How To Make The Most Of Your Fridge And Freezer Combination!

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Items that don’t always need refrigeration.

There are some things that do better out of the fridge, and other items where is your choice whether to refrigerate them or not. Here is a list to keep in mind:

  • Tomatoes will get too moist in the fridge and may go mouldy before their time. They will do well at room temperature, and those slightly green will also ripen quickly.
  • Potatoes and onions also need a place with low moisture and can be kept in a cool cupboard for quite a while without spoiling.
  • Avocados and other fruits that need to ripen can survive quite successfully on the kitchen counter top.
  • Nuts and nut flours can be stored in a cupboard, but if your house is warm, or they may not be used for a while, refrigeration will help maintain the natural oils.
  • The same applies to whole-grain flour, and oils such as sunflower, canola, and olive will last longer if kept in the fridge. They may, of course, also be stored in a cupboard, but fridge storage will help prevent the rancid flavour that may develop over time.

The refrigerator is the most important invention to hit the appliance world, and, if used properly, can save you hundreds of dollars wasted on spoiled food that may have been tossed in the garbage.


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A magical machine!

The fridge is a wonderful appliance, specially designed to keep food fresh, and prevent bacteria from spreading, spoiling food, and making us ill.

Refrigerators are very important in the daily lives of people all over the world, and allows you to confidently purchase perishable goods, and plan meals ahead of time. Your food will also be safe when you go away on holiday.

Without a doubt, the fridge/freezer combo is one of the most important pieces of equipment in kitchens today.



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