How to Use This One Type of Lamp To Sleep Better And Much More

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You may never get the chance to travel to the salt mines located deep in the Himalayan Mountains, but one thing about these mines is well known: The miners are some of the happiest people in the world. This might seem strange since many of us associate mining jobs with  backbreaking work for little pay, deep in the earth where there is no sunlight and certainly nothing of beauty to see. However, Himalayan salt miners are happy all the time. Why? Probably because they are simply surrounded by tons (literally!) of negative ions.

Sometimes called the “vitamins for the air,” Himalayan salt lamps are basically a block of salt from the Himalayan Mountains with a light bulb inside. The bulb will heat the salt, which attracts moisture in the air and draws positive ions to it. You might notice that your lamp becomes damp and might even drip a few drops of water. This is completely normal. The water will evaporate quickly, and this is what creates the negative ions. The negative ions in Himalayan salt neutralize the positive ions and clean the air for you, naturally. They are also incredibly beautiful decoration.

The negative ions in your Himalayan salt lamp will attach to allergens, viruses, mold, bacteria, and, of course, positive ions, destroying them almost instantly. You will feel the change in the air of your home within a few hours. With continued use, you will notice that you feel calmer and more relaxed in your home, full of energy, happier, and you will sleep better than you ever imagined possible.


Himalayan Salt lamps will:

  • Stabilize and reduce the effect of positive ions emitted from electronic devices
  • Produce rainbow-spectrum light waves, which heal the body and calm the mind
  • Ionize the room with healthy negative ions
  • Remove allergens, pet dander, and dangerous mold spores

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