How to Use This One Type of Lamp To Sleep Better And Much More

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Have you ever noticed how much better you feel walking down the beach? Or sitting under a gushing waterfall? Or even how much better you can breathe just before a big thunderstorm hits? More than just being away from work and outside in nature, the reason these things make you feel good and fill you with energy is something called negative ions.

Most of us work hard to keep our thoughts positive. Our households are positive places for our families, and many of us say positive mantras every day. So when we tell you that you don’t want positive ions in your life, you might be confused.  We will clear this up for you.

Although the name might put you off, there is actually nothing negative about negative ions. It’s the same way that there is really nothing positive about positive ions, despite their name. Let’s talk about those two items first so that we have a good understanding of why these things are so important in our lives.

We are surrounded by both negative and positive ions all the time. These are molecules that have either lost or gained an electron and are electrically charged.

Positive ions are created by things such as electronic devices. Some people have called positive ions “electronic smog” or indoor air pollution.  If you think about your everyday life, you are constantly surrounded by television screens, cell phones, microwaves, computers, laptops, and all sorts of electronic devices. Studies have shown that the brain is bombarded by frequencies 20 times higher than normal frequency. This causes us all types of health problems, including insomnia, allergies, nervousness, and feelings of anxiety.

Even the World Health Organization called this indoor electronic smog one of the fastest and most common types of environmental influences in the world today.

The bottom line here is that positive ions are dangerous, harmful, and need to be neutralized. But what can we do about them — short of moving into a cave?

We can fight back by creating an environment full of negative ions.

Mother Nature provides us with plenty of negative ions to fight back against positive ions. Negative ions attract these positively charged ions, balance them, and neutralize them, so that they lose their power to cause us harm. For the freshest, purist air and for the protection of our health, we want to surround ourselves with negative ions. These types of ions stimulate the flow of oxygen to our brains, which fill us with feelings of well-being, energy, and mental alertness.

How can we get more of these negative ions into our homes — short of building next door to a waterfall?

This is a no-brainer, friends. All you need is a Himalayan Salt Lamp.

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You may never get the chance to travel to the salt mines located deep in the Himalayan Mountains, but one thing about these mines is well known: The miners are some of the happiest people in the world. This might seem strange since many of us associate mining jobs with  backbreaking work for little pay, deep in the earth where there is no sunlight and certainly nothing of beauty to see. However, Himalayan salt miners are happy all the time. Why? Probably because they are simply surrounded by tons (literally!) of negative ions.

Sometimes called the “vitamins for the air,” Himalayan salt lamps are basically a block of salt from the Himalayan Mountains with a light bulb inside. The bulb will heat the salt, which attracts moisture in the air and draws positive ions to it. You might notice that your lamp becomes damp and might even drip a few drops of water. This is completely normal. The water will evaporate quickly, and this is what creates the negative ions. The negative ions in Himalayan salt neutralize the positive ions and clean the air for you, naturally. They are also incredibly beautiful decoration.

The negative ions in your Himalayan salt lamp will attach to allergens, viruses, mold, bacteria, and, of course, positive ions, destroying them almost instantly. You will feel the change in the air of your home within a few hours. With continued use, you will notice that you feel calmer and more relaxed in your home, full of energy, happier, and you will sleep better than you ever imagined possible.


Himalayan Salt lamps will:

  • Stabilize and reduce the effect of positive ions emitted from electronic devices
  • Produce rainbow-spectrum light waves, which heal the body and calm the mind
  • Ionize the room with healthy negative ions
  • Remove allergens, pet dander, and dangerous mold spores

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Himalayan Salt Lamps will help you:

  • Sleep better
  • Reduce headaches, even migraines
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Reduce stress
  • Reduce allergy symptoms
  • Improve skin conditions
  • Reduce respiratory problems, including cold symptoms.

Using Himalayan salt lamps will physically and chemically transform a room. Why Himalayan salt and not sea salt or plain old table salt? Himalayan salt comes from deep within the mountains. This salt comes to us from ancient oceans that were not exposed to manmade chemicals or other pollutants, making this type of salt the purest kind in the world. This makes them the perfect air ionizer for cleaning the air in your home and surrounding you with healthy, negative ions. Read more about this ancient lamp benefits.

Himalayan lamps come in different colors, including orange, yellow, and pink. Colored lamps have been used in color therapy to treat insomnia and neurotic disorders.

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Who Can Benefit from Himalayan Salt Lamps?

Just about everyone, actually. If you want to improve the quality of the air in your home, achieve a feeling of relaxation, maintain good health and improve health disorders, then these beautiful, ancient salt lamps are for you.

Placement of your lamp is very important, and to be completely honest, if you want to clean your entire home you will need more than one. Salt lamps have limited range, so if you put one in a corner of a room that is rarely used, you will not be getting the full benefits these lamps have to offer.

Start with just one lamp in the room you use most often. For many people, that will be the living room. Later, you can add one lamp at a time. Home offices, bedrooms, and dens should all have their own lamp.  You can even put one in your bathroom to control mold spores — especially if you live in a damp area and have small children.

Questions you can ask yourself when it comes to which rooms should have a salt lamp include:

  • Which room(s) has the most electronics?
  • Which rooms(s) is used the most?
  • Where would you like to enjoy the relaxing effects of a salt lamp? ( For example, in a den that is rarely used except for meditation and yoga sessions)

Another way to improve the air in your home is to get fresh air into the house, and open doors and windows so that air can circulate. You might find that some rooms do not get good air flow or that opening the windows is not always a good idea (if they face a very busy street, for example).  This is where a Himalayan salt lamp can really go a long way towards cleansing the air.

Adding plants to your home will also help to improve the air quality by removing chemicals from the air you breathe. There are plants for every room, even those with very little natural light. There are also plenty of plants that need almost no care, so even if you believe you do not have a green thumb, there are plants that you can grow.

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Some people add Himalayan salt lamps to their home for their pure, natural beauty alone. There are even some lamps available for sale that allow you to place candles inside if you prefer the flickering light of candles rather than the glow of a lightbulb. Using a candle will also heat the lamp and allow it to put out negative ions, although it might take longer to heat up.


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Last but not least:

Beware of fake salt lamps. Rock salt or other types of salt will simply not give you the same results as they do not have the same physical properties that give us negative ions. It is difficult to tell the difference between real Himalayan salt lamps and plain rock salt lamps.  Always buy from a well-known and established business. Many will offer you a certificate of authenticity. Also, Himalayan salt lamps can be expensive, depending on their size. If you find a salt lamp at a ridiculously low price, chances are that it is made from nothing more than rock salt.

No matter what size lamp you choose, and no matter the color, adding a Himalayan salt lamp to your environment will give you more benefits than you can imagine. Sleep better tonight, feel happier tomorrow — buy a Himalayan salt lamp today.