How Your Diet Impacts Kidney Health

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Essential Diet Changes to Benefit Kidney Health

Keeping your kidneys healthy can be as simple as monitoring your diet.  If you already eat healthy, you’re in luck, but if you don’t have the best meal plan in place, consider the following factors.

Reduce the amount of protein you’re eating on a daily basis.  Low protein intake is important to keeping your kidneys working properly.  You’ll also want to reduce the amount of sugar you eat per day.  This is important if you’re diabetic, but it also works to improve kidney health.  It is also essential to drink plenty of water.  It cannot be stressed enough that you should a lot of water and monitor your hydration level.

You should also monitor your protein levels.  The best way to do this is to look at your body weight, and then monitor what you’re consuming each day.  Calculate your daily intake to be sure you’re getting the right percentage of protein for your body weight.  Another important component to keep your eye on is phosphorous.  This ingredient actually encourages the growth of kidney stones.

If you’re having trouble with your kidneys, you will need to adjust your diet accordingly.  Once you find the right diet and items to add into your meals, you’ll help reduce potential problems.

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