If GMO’s are Safe and Healthy then Why Doesn’t Big Agra Want Them Labeled?

Those who are in favor of genetically modified foods say that they don’t want the words GMO on food labels because it would mislead people into thinking those foods are unhealthy or somehow unsafe. Why would they think that? Are they unsafe or unhealthy? Investors and manufacturers have spent untold millions of dollars to prevent foods from being labeled. They simply want to disguise foods that contain “built in” herbicides and insecticides as being exactly the same as any other food, which is certainly not the case.

If you have joined the national food fight or if you blog about the labeling of GMO’s, then you might have been called a fanatic, or a health nut. The truth is all chemicals should be removed from food. Unfortunately, in America, we can’t even get chemically laced food labeled! Almost all other countries either ban GMO’s, since they know about the detrimental possibilities, or, at the very least, they label them so one can make an informed choice. This is simply common sense. Think about it, if insects die immediately from eating a certain food, then this should be a warning to humans to not eat that food.

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Some states, such as Washington and California, are fighting to have GMO foods labeled, but corporation that will make billions from their GMO products are putting up huge sums of money in order to shut down any efforts at labeling their products. They will tell you that GMO’s are good for you, and that although they patent their toxic seeds, they don’t want a label saying that they are different from other foods. This doesn’t make sense. Why would a business want to prove that their products are different by placing a patent on them, but not want to brag about it by labeling them as such? This is a question that deserves a lot of consideration. Especially when you consider that 95 percent of people polled state that they want GMO foods labeled.


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There are mega-agribusinesses such as Monsanto, Dow, Syngenta, and DuPont that make huge profits based on their chemical foods. They believe that we, the public, have been “dumbed down” by bleached out foods, vaccines, and fluoridated water. Still, the organic community at large is growing and gaining knowledge that spreads quickly. More and more, consumers are waking up to how crops with built in carcinogens cause cancer, DNA damage, and heart disease. There are many, many more people in America today with Alzheimer’s disease than there was before GMO’s were a part of our food source. This is much more than a coincidence, friends.

In 2013, California tried to pass a law forcing GMO foods to be labeled but it loss by a very narrow margin. Why did it lose if people want GMO’s labeled? Because Big Agra, like Monsanto, threw their money around and used some shady tactics during the last few weeks before the vote, to confuse the public. Soybeans, cotton, corn, and sugar beets are now filled with toxic insecticides and herbicides for profit. GMO’s are supposed to help countries such as India and Africa, but if this is true, why is it that some farmers in India are committing suicide because of massive crop failure, about 300,000 people to date? That means that there have been more than a quarter million people dead due to their toxic GMO crops, and meanwhile, in America, we can’t even label these foods? What are we thinking?

You should be on the lookout for organic companies that are selling out to Big Agra Food. They just might start changing their ingredients! Costs will NOT rise simply because of a label, but what WILL happens is that once labels are in place, we will be able to better track the statistics of what foods are causing the increase of cancer, diabetes, arthritis, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. If the price of food goes through the roof it’s because these GMO’s are killing our soils, our crops, and our animals. If food prices rise dramatically, it’s because governments are more concerned with spending billions of dollars on war while allowing our water and soil to become polluted with fluoride, GMO crops, and overuse of RoundUp.

Many people are unaware that GM foods have not been studied nor tested for more than 30 days. This is how Big Agri can state that their foods are safe. They show you test results from animals that were done over a maximum 30 day period. GM seeds are patented, so Big Agra will tell you that they need to protect their product and must do all testing. Kinda sounds like the thief is guarding the store, doesn’t it? Even so, why would they not want labels stating that this food or that food contains GMO products? Because they are afraid of what we will find when the scientific community does its own long term studies.

The organic movement is growing quickly as word spreads. Demand that your food be labeled and never, ever eat GMO foods yourself!