Is Your Store Selling Franken Fish? How To Tell What You’re Really Eating

farmed salmon

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Critics have raised serious questions and concerns about human safety. Although the FDA states that there is a “reasonable certainty of no harm,” others are not so sure.

The approval of AquaBounty’s FrankenFish was done with only the company’s own “scientific” studies, which some have described as being about as scientific as a 5th grade science project.

AquaBounty used very small samples (in one study, no more than 12 fish) – so small that they would have no scientific basis in the real world. Another study, involving allergic reactions, used only six fish.

One of the “fishy” things about this is that the FDA did not regulate this salmon as a food, but as a drug. WTH? The FDA has decided that, starting with this GM salmon, all genetically engineered or modified animals will be regulated under a new “animal drug” provision. This comes under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. However, the reason the FDA says that it does not need a label is that it is actually the equivalent (nutritionally speaking) to a farmed raised Atlantic salmon. Although we are left asking, is this a fish or a drug?, in the mind of the FDA it is a perfectly normal, everyday, run of the mill salmon.

The Food and Water Watch has been talking to members of Congress about possibly getting the approval reversed or at least reviewed. If this fails, the group has stated that it might file a lawsuit to try to stop the fish from being introduced to the market, at least not without further testing.

If you think you should be safe because you don’t eat salmon or that you don’t eat salmon that you haven’t caught yourself, beware. There are an estimated 35 other species of genetically altered animals in the works, including 10 species of cow, as well as species of fish, pig, and chicken.


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Write to your senators and congresspersons, and tell them that not only do you not want these FrankenAnimals, but that if they are going to insist that they are safe, that you have a right to know what you are feeding your family and these foods should be labeled.


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