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Did you know that dental fluorosis is a condition that is caused by too much fluoride, and that it’s on the rise in the United States? Although the United States government has known for some time that fluoride in the water is dangerous, they continue to allow it. This condition, which ruins the teeth, tends to affect children more than adults, mostly because a child’s teeth are underdeveloped and are more susceptible to fluoride.

On top of all this, there is one more detail about fluorosis that many people are unaware of: dental fluorosis is a biomarker for heart disease.

The Centers for Disease Control stated back in 2010 that dental fluorosis was higher among those between the ages of 12 to 15, as high as 41 percent. This increase is almost double from the 22 percent that was shown between 1986 and 1987.  Although the US Department of Health and Human Services said that they were going to lower the amount of fluoride that was allowed in water systems, as of yet, they have made no changes. In fact, the CDC still encourages fluoridation in municipal water sources as well as dental products that contain fluoride.

A study performed in Ireland in 2013 looked at the link between fluorosis and heart disease. The most common cause of death in Ireland is heart disease and this study found that fluorosis was a biomarker for heart disease. In fact, this study found that fluorosis caused children to have a higher rate of heart damage as well as an abnormal heart rhythm than those who did not have fluorosis.

Back in 2010, the US government knew that Americans were consuming dangerous levels of fluoride, as well as knowing that more than 40 percent of children in the US were developing fluorosis, among the other health problems it causes, and now they know that fluorosis can increase the risk of heart disease, but the fluoridation of water continues.

Another study was published in the journal Nuclear Medicine Communications. Fluoride can increase the risk of heart disease by hardening the arteries. Looking at imaging data and the cardiovascular history of patients, researchers found a powerful correlation between cardiovascular problems and the presence of fluoride in the coronary arteries.

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  1. tanks

    Nov 28, 2017 at 9:17 am

    They refuse to answer simple questions like “Why do you insist on contaminating the water supply with the stuff?” They do not care what you think or say about it, they go right on doing it. Why are there no ingredient labels on bottled water? Why do they insist on adding it to distilled and spring water before putting it on the market? You really think they care THAT much if you get a cavity?