Lemons – A Very Versatile Citrus Fruit!

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Health benefits of lemons

This yellow citrus fruit has several amazing health-promoting properties. Here are some for you to note:

  • The high content of vitamin C helps to ease breathing problems such as asthma, and bronchial spasms caused by inflammation.
  • Lemons, because of the high anti-bacterial properties, are excellent for fighting problems related to throat infections.
  • Lemon juice is also a diuretic and can help treat arthritis and rheumatism by flushing out toxins and acid waste from the body.
  • The immune system is fortified by the vitamin C content in lemons. It works as an antioxidant and helps to combat seasonal and other allergens which cause breathing problems that can lead to lung infections.
  • Fresh lemon juice with a glass of warm water in the morning to start the day, is a very good way to detoxify the liver, cleanse the kidneys, and settle the digestive system.
  • Studies have shown that lemon juice helps to keep you regular, and prevent constipation which can clog up the bowel and colon with poorly-digested food.


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Stocking up on lemons is one of the most cost-effective ways of investing in your health. Although the fruit itself may be seasonal in certain areas, lemon juice with the same nutritional factors are almost always available on store shelves.

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