Lies We Tell Ourselves About Our Health

Sweet Potato Fries

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8. I don’t eat potato chips, I eat healthy veggie chips!

Seriously? Do you really think veggie chips are better? Do you know that potatoes are veggies, so in some ways, they are the original veggie chip? And although those veggie chips sound healthier than potato chips, a serving of veggie chips have the same amount of calories as potato chips. They are also made with nothing more than some veggie puree or veggie powder, not whole slices of veggies. Dump the veggie chips and opt for some real, healthy snacks like nuts or cottage cheese.


9. I need a few drinks at night so I can sleep.

Don’t feel bad, you’re not alone. Many people have a glass of wine at night to relax. Alcohol works really well that way, too. Alcohol is a central nervous system depressant, making you feel more relaxed, even drowsy. Once it starts to wear off, however, you have that rebound affect and most people find that they can’t fall asleep or that they wake up. One glass of wine with dinner: that’s fine. Several glasses of wine each night: not fine.


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10. I can’t do that.

You might have been using this excuse for any number of things that are keeping you from being healthy. Everything from “I can’t stop smoking,” to “I can’t cook from scratch,” to “I can’t lose weight,” because we are somehow convinced, truly convinced, that we really can’t do it. If you’ve tried to stop smoking and failed, if you burned dinner a few times, or if you tried to lose weight but gained it back, why try?

If you are convinced from the start that you will fail, chances are good that you will. Stop telling yourself all the things you can’t do, and start telling yourself all the things that you can do. More than likely you have already done some things in life that weren’t easy, but you managed to do them (like growing up!) Some things take longer than others, and other things simply take practice, but you can do it. Hold on to a positive attitude and you will succeed.


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