The Many Benefits of Evening Primrose Oil

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Evening Primrose is a wildflower that is can be found almost everywhere in the United States. It’s been used by the Native Americans for thousands of years for a variety of medicinal purposes, including infertility, depression, and arthritis.

You can get numerous health benefits from consuming evening primrose oil. All health foods stores should carry gel caps, tea, and perhaps even dried flowers and seeds. Keep reading for all the benefits you can get from this ancient flower and find out why some Native American tribes called this plant “the king’s cure all.”


1. Increases Fertility

Evening Primrose oil is able to increase fertility for women due to its effect on the production of mucus in the cervix. An increase in mucous helps increase the chances of pregnancy by encouraging more sperm to live and move past the cervix. This oil can also reduce the risk of eclampsia and preeclampsia, two conditions that are a serious threat to pregnant women. Evening primrose oil also contains high levels of GLA (gamma linolenic acid). GLA is well known for stimulation blood flow and could be a great help to men with erectile dysfunction that is due to a lack of sufficient blood flow to the genitals.


2. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

In some preliminary studies, evening primrose oil, combined with high quality fish oil, has been shown to be an effective therapy for chronic fatigue syndrome. More studies in this area need to be done, but the preliminary studies hold great promise that this plant might be a powerful remedy in the future.


3. Helps with Alcohol Withdrawal

Your brain is prompted by GLA to make a type of prostaglandin known as prostaglandin E, which can prevent alcohol withdrawal symptoms such as seizures and depression. Prostaglandin helps to protect the liver and nervous system and stops some of the more severe symptoms people experience when going through withdrawal.

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