The Many Benefits of Evening Primrose Oil

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4. Drains Boils and Heals Bruising

Evening primrose oil has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial compounds that make it the perfect remedy for boils and bruises. You can help a boil drain naturally by making a poultice from the flowers and leaves of evening primrose. Crush the flowers and leaves until they make a pulp. Heat the poultice a bit, but don’t make it too hot; you don’t want to burn the skin. Apply the poultice directly to the boil or bruise and wrap the area with a bandage. Leave to sit overnight. In the morning, the boil should have come to a head and be ready to be drained. Bruises should be considerably better in the morning. This process can be repeated each night if need be.


5. Heart Health and Cholesterol

Consuming evening primrose oil will reduce high cholesterol levels, and some studies show it even reduces high blood pressure. Prostaglandins in evening primrose oil prevent excessive blood clotting and spasming of the arteries. This means evening primrose oil can offer you protection from coronary artery disease and high blood pressure, which should reduce your chances of heart disease as well as heart attacks and strokes. Read more about natural ways to clear out your arteries.


6. Menstrual Pain

Evening primrose oil is terrific at relieving the distress that many women experience with their menstrual cycle. No one is exactly sure why this natural remedy works, but this has been used by thousands of women all over world for relief from painful periods.


7. Skin Health

Evening primrose oil is a super remedy for eczema and other skin conditions due to its essential fatty acid and GLA content. Many people say that using evening primrose oil has helped ease their eczema when other medications and remedies failed. Added to creams or lotions, evening primrose oil can treat age spots, wrinkles, and even stop acne. You can also take gel caps internally to treat your skin problems from the inside out.

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