Marijuana Infused Massage Therapy and Spa Time Is Here!

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Marijuana and hemp have been in the news a great deal lately, mostly due to the numerous health benefits that have been scientifically proven as of late. But have you heard about some of the latest ways that people are using pot? People are making their own marijuana infused oils and lotions for massage therapy. How does it work? Does it work?

In Colorado, the first state in America to implement the legal use of cannabis, “canna-massage” day spas are doing a bang up business. Manufacturers of marijuana-infused products for the skin, referred to as “topicals,” are seeing their sales go through the roof.

Day by day the increasing number of Americans are getting tired with traditional medicine which tends to under-deliver while over billing. The new awareness of the healing powers of marijuana is combining American ingenuity, entrepreneurship, and a willingness to try something new and turning it into a new and exciting business. After decades of hiding out, cannabis and massage or other types of spa treatments, are ready to come out of the closet, so to speak, and into the mainstream.

The present-day spa industry is, as of today, is estimated as $18 billion dollar industry. Massage parlors, once considered to be a seedy business, have blossomed into “day spas,” and Americans are embracing them like never before as an option for everything from natural pain relief to relaxation. It is expected that the number of massage therapists in America will increase by as much as 23 percent in the next decade.

Cannabis massage only makes sense, then, when you consider that 23 states in the US have approved medical marijuana programs and 4 states that have legalized usage of cannabis for those who are over 21 years old.

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