Marijuana Infused Massage Therapy and Spa Time Is Here!

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Since ancient times the massage therapy has been used to help treat a variety of conditions, especially for tension and pain. Did you know that cannabis has been mentioned in the oldest manuals known to man? Both Ayurvedic and Chinese medical texts mention the healing powers of marijuana. It was not until centuries later that cannabis became the “devil weed.”  The strange thing is that most of the people who demonized cannabis seemed to be completely unaware that marijuana existed in both topical and edible forms in US pharmacies up until the 1930’s.

The Western world once saw massage as a foreign and even pagan practice that went contrary to the old school approach and protestant values such as the stoic enduring of pain.

Medical usage of cannabis hardly existed for most of the last century. But it suddenly resurfaced in California in 1996 in a law called the “Compassionate Use Act.”  Currently, about 1 in every 20 Californians have used marijuana in medical purposes, and among them the number of those who said it was very effective was as high as 92 percent. The first state to allow the legal use of marijuana for adults was Colorado whereas the boom in cannabis massage has led to its legalization.

Today, massage therapy is not only seen as a beneficial means of relaxing, but as one of the ways to soothe pain.  If you really want to see how attitudes have changed, check this out; in 1998, only 7.7 percent of US hospitals practiced massage as an “alternative” medicine, but later on in 2007, over 37 percent of hospitals offered massage therapy in-house. At the moment, massage holds the first rating among the outpatient services.

Many people find that this sort of massage therapy can help greatly to relieve the pain of rheumatoid arthritis and sports injuries such as tendonitis.  However, because technically all forms of cannabis are federally illegal, no one is technically advertising marijuana treatments, as they might lose their state license if they do.  Cannabis infused massage therapy is also catching on in California, but at a slower pace, because both the patient and the therapist need a doctor’s recommendation to obtain topicals under state law.

Cannabis massage therapy is very difficult to find in Washington. Although unlicensed medical marijuana stores and manufacturers abound, but try to find a single topical cannabis store and you will come up empty. This makes sense when you consider that under Washington’s 502 initiative, those selling cannabis are not allowed to advertise that their products contain any medicinal value whatsoever.

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