Marijuana Infused Massage Therapy and Spa Time Is Here!

Cannabis Background

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It’s truly a tragedy that when it comes to pain relief, marijuana massage can be the life and death matter, yet it has to be kept hidden because the federal government won’t back down on its stance on marijuana, regardless of the thousands of tests and studies which show it has powerful medicinal compounds. A very effective blockade has prevented a number of scientists who are not affiliated with government from studying the cannabis effects.

It’s hard to say exactly what the federal government is so afraid of. Applying the active ingredients in pot on your skin will not get you high, make you miss work, cause you to drive while under the influence, nor will it show up on a drug test.

However, scientists have yet to do the most basic work with the active ingredients in the whole plant, the so called phytocannabinoids. Data received from pre-clinical studies shows what users already report. Our skin and muscles contain nerve fibers with cannabinoid receptors, which soak up the active ingredients, called cannabinoids, in marijuana. Dozens of those cannabinoids can penetrate deep into the skin and can actually reach nerves as well as immune cells.


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One study that involved 22 subjects that had untreatable skin itching in a condition that was related to a dysfunction of the nerves, reported that with a topical cannabinoid application, all subjects had an 86.4 percent decrease in their itching.

With more and more people coming forward, talking about how their pain was relieved through the use of cannabis infused topical massage oils and lotions, we can only hope that someone at the federal level will take heed and will do what should have been done 70 years ago. Free marijuana from its chains and allow the American people to seek the relief they need.


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