Eating Just One Ounce of This Can Do Crazy Things to Your Weight

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Would you like to drop those last 10 pounds, or maybe your first 10 pounds? Maybe you would just like to be sure that you don’t gain any more weight, but counting calories is such a hassle, and honestly, who has time to drag out a little scale and weigh things before you eat them?

What if we told you that you could drop a few pounds, or maintain your current weight simply by adding one little ounce of one particular food? What if we told you that studies prove that this works, almost like magic, but that it’s not a magic pill or an exercise, but a common food that’s gotten a whole lot of attention lately?

What if we told you this weight loss food was coconut oil? That’s right. Coconut oil.

Coconut oil was used to be added to almost everywhere for cooking, but then it got a bad reputation for a while, as health advocates stated that people should avoid coconut oil due to the high content of saturated fat it contains.

Today, we now know a great deal more about coconut oil and we realize that this oil is like nothing else on earth, therefore, how our bodies process it is different than the way it processes anything else on earth.

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