Are McDonald’s French Fries Good or Bad? Video

You wouldn’t think that batch of french fries you picked up from McDonald’s was very complicated, would you? Just potatoes, oil, and a little salt are all you really need to make great french fries, isn’t it?

Unfortunately, according to some sources, the process of making McDonald’s french fries requires 17 ingredients. Most people can’t believe this fact and want to know the truth.

That’s why while McDonald’s supporters and their opponents are fighting for the fair status of the restaurant and its food, the fast food chain’s PR campaign is trying to prove that McDonald’s works with only real products and answers all the questions common people have.

Watch the video and decide for yourself.


One Comment

  1. Frank Wagner

    Sep 22, 2015 at 1:50 pm

    what happened to the McDonald’s video of the french fries?