Natural And Simple Ways To End Addictions

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6. Smoking

While smoking is a very strong addiction, many companies are making it easier and cheaper to quit. If you can’t afford the prescribed treatments, there are some companies that offer their services for free. No matter what physical condition you are in, whenever you have a physical, they always ask if you smoke. Ask friends and family members what worked for them and see if it is something that could help you quit as well. Replace cigarettes and booze with a healthy dinner and great conversations with family members and good friends. You’ll feel better, and you may actually become addicted to feeling good about yourself.


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7. Drugs

Drugs are a serious addiction requires a commitment and dedication to break. Think back to when you first starting doing drugs to see what made you start in the first place. Many people have a solid reason as to why they started, but until they make peace with that reason they will always be addicted. Reach out to programs or rehabilitation facilities that can help you in a one-on-one basis. Make the commitment once and for all, and get your real life back on track.


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One Comment

  1. Grace Terry

    Apr 10, 2017 at 9:00 am

    This article is insulting to people honestly struggling to break free of addiction. An addiction is, by definition, a chronic, compulsive self-defeating behavior. Chronic means long-term. Compulsion is an overwhelming urge in act and defies all logic and reason.If there were simple ways to end addictions, we would have found them long ago. Addiction is genetically and environmentally triggered and is a complex illness with physical, cognitive, emotional, and spiritual negative involvement. As an addict recovering from chronic compulsive self-defeating behaviors (all perfectly legal in my case) used to mood/mind alter, I feel discounted and ripped off by this article. Try again….