Osteoporosis On The Rise: 10 Top Advices Explained To Treat It Naturally

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2. Make sure you have enough vitamin D.

80-90% of vitamin D comes with the exposure from the sun, so the majority of people have access to free doses just about any sunny day. However, many Americans don’t even know they are suffering from its shortage. Prevalence of vitamin D deficiency in US adults was close to 40% in the recent years.

Vitamin D helps your body absorb calcium, especially in the small intestine, directs it to the bones, and stops its loss through urine. So, effects of vitamin D on calcium levels and bones health cannot be overestimated. It is able to bring fractures you get down as effectively as a prescribed medication. It also helps with disorders of the autoimmune system, depression, and the modulation of the immune system.

If you are unable to get out in the sun on a regular basis to enjoy a sufficient dose of vitamin D naturally, you can find this mineral in small amounts in a few foods, including egg yolks, cooked beef liver, certain mushrooms, flash of fatty fish, and some cheeses. To make vitamin D more available, it is made in laboratories and added to (or, as they say, fortify with it) dairy products, cereals, and juices.


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