Do People Really Know What Gluten Is? Video

There are a number of diseases that imply a gluten-free diet should be followed.

One of the most common cases when gluten should be avoided is celiac disease, because in this case, gluten may cause inflammation in the small intestines of the sufferers. That is why a gluten-free diet is useful, helps control the signs and symptoms of the illness, and prevents any complications.

But nowadays, the gluten-free diet has become popular among people who are absolutely healthy. A late-night talk show hosted by Jimmy Kimmel that you are going to watch in the video reveals how little people know about what they are trying to avoid. Jimmy sent his team to one of the most popular Los Angeles fitness areas. The team was to ask passers-by whether they followed a gluten-free diet and why. But the main question was about gluten itself. Funny answers were given, and you can hear them for yourself if you watch the video. Do you really know what gluten is?