Protect Yourself from EMF Radiation with This One Herb

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Many studies have shown that when workers are regularly exposed to RF (microwave) radiation, they have higher than average cancer rates. Some people have suspected that cell phone carriers are exceeding the FCC recommended exposure limits. Inspections only take place once, when the towers are built, and afterwards there is almost nothing to stop them from cranking up their output for wider coverage. The FCC states that they don’t have the funds to do routine or even random checks. However, even if they did conduct some type of monitoring program, FCC guidelines are far behind the times. Current studies show that humans are damaged by levels far lower than what the FCC’s current standards permit. Other countries have limits that are far lower than the US, with Russia’s being about 100 times stricter than the FCC’s standards for safety. The rates of cancer in America should indicate that something is very wrong. It’s possible that “something wrong” is radiation poisoning on a slow, but continuous rate.

There is some good news on the horizon, however. You can remove some of the radiation from your body through a natural and common herb called rosemary.  No, you don’t have to hang rosemary from your phone; you ingest it.

In 2009, The British Journal of Radiology published a study that found that the carnosol acids in this herb could offer significant protection from mutagenic activity. This means that rosemary acts a protectant by encouraging the body’s own defense mechanisms to fight the damage caused from radiation. Rosemary is also known to kill off free radicals, which also cause damage to cells. This same study also found that rosmarinic acid delayed the formulation of toxins, offering the body as much as 3.4 times greater protection than any other compound used in this study.

Another study done in Spain noted that exposure to radiation caused the formation of great quantities of free radicals and that rosemary also helped in this study to stop free radicals before they can cause damage. The carnosol and carnosic acid in rosemary are fat soluble, which helps them provide us with powerful anti-mutagenic activity.

Of course we can always limit our use of wireless internet, microwave ovens, and cell phones but that doesn’t seem likely, nor does it seem even plausible when we live in a world where most companies (not to mention friends and families) expect us to be available 24/7.

So rather than ditch our conveniences, we can protect ourselves by removing radiation through the use of rosemary.

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  1. robert owen

    Mar 29, 2015 at 5:04 pm

    most people, especially young people in America, at least from what I seem them spending so much of their time on, don’t spend a lot of time researching and studying science, how it works to given form and structure around them, and have an active imagination to learn with tremendous mental energy of an inquisitive nature.
    There are always exceptions.
    But how many of the average population group know and understand the consequences of continually having their brain hooked up to their cell phone to listen to tunes, or engage in constant social media interaction with microwave and EMF energy that saturates their brain?
    The biggest problem is the youthful exuberance of believing your bulletproof, against being hardwired for fight or flight consequential circumstances, its no different than smoking.
    It is the cumulative effect of whats called the dose response relationship, to what youve been exposed to, how much youve been exposed to, and the cumulative duration that is equal to the concentration over time.
    You can use mathematical caculus based on LC50 and LD50 Rat tests against 58,000 different toxic chemicals and harmful substances listed by the Toxic disease Registry and CDC and EPA to determine your risk.
    Their is a dose concentration limit or PEL permissable exposure level for all those listed hazardous constieuents, unclufing exposure to electromagnetic wave energy that results in cancerous tuimor gestation.
    The state of CA legislature back when cell phone tower licenses were being convened during many months of hearings, had a tremendous amount of epidiemological and toxicological,pathological evidence that demonstrated the high risk of brain tumors by microwasves and EMF exposure from cell phone use.
    But naturally, in this country, we value money and profit, more than we do life.
    That’s obvious, because it doesn’t matter weather you grow GMO induced foods, nano-sized aluminum being dumped into the skies over America almost everyday now ion the west on average of 2.4 million pounds of it over an average area of 12 sq, miles.
    Human-beings in this culture are trapped in a paradigm, where their entire mind, body soul, wave energy interaction in life to survive in the physical form we use to express our soul-driven consciousness, is woven into a cultural fabric that is harmful to your health, in a multiplicity of ways, because of the meaning we give to money, that has absolutely no regard for life, nor allowing us to progress much more beyond that of a parasitic detrivore that destroys its own niche, nest and physical environment to live in peace, love, balance and harmony with others, cuz we have had since conception in a mothers womb the epigenitic influence of this sick and perverted society, where the precepts and subconscious cultural artifacts, of an imperial consciousness have been downloaded onto the tabla la raza or blank slate of our hard drive Operating System, which inplants the Imperial Consciousness we operate under, that will never support the full human potential of oir mind,body and soul, for to ascend to that level would change and render the meaning we give to money as the most destructive concept to what it means to be human, and express ourselves as free human creative loving spirits from the quantum field we all interact in, where eternal love is both priceless and free, and the true currency we can use to raise ourselves beyond the degenerative and devpolved existence from which we come from.

    • Jayebird58

      Jul 21, 2016 at 2:01 pm

      Well said! I still don’t understand Chemtrails. I’ve seen the YouTube videos but they don’t explain the why’s and who’s doing this. Can you shed some light on this for me? I totally agree with your assessment of our human condition, it’s unbelievable!