Raisins Or Grapes? Dry Or Raw? Which One Is Better?

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That depends on what you are wanting! While grapes are lower in calories and contain natural vitamins and minerals, the concentrated form in raisins also has concentrated minerals and antioxidants. Essentially, both are healthy, it just depends on what you are wanting.


Are grapes healthier raw or dried (raisins)?

All raw foods contain naturally occurring vitamins and minerals as well as enzymes that help your body’s systems function. So, raisins may have some of these important compounds destroyed in the drying process. However, if the raisins are dried in the sun or at a low temperature, or in the presence of certain substances such as sulfites that prohibit damage of these compounds, they may actually contain concentrated amounts of these important vitamins and minerals. Of course, that also means the calories are also concentrated.


Grapes Vs. Raisins – A quick glance

  • Grapes are higher in vitamin C.
  • Grapes are higher in resveratrol, a highly studied antioxidant that is imperative for health.
  • Raisins have three times as many antioxidants as grapes.
    Grapes are lower in calories. There are 50 calories in a half cup of grapes, but 220 calories in a half cup of raisins.
  • Raisins have been shown to be antimicrobial, which can help kill bad bacteria in your mouth and digestive tract, making it a great alternative to sugary snacks for your teeth.
  • Grapes are high in boron, an essential mineral.
  • Grapes are lower in sugar than raisins.
  • Raisins also have boron as well as calcium.
  • Raisins can help speed up a sluggish digestion.

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How to pick healthy grapes and raisins

Be sure your grapes and raisins are organic to avoid harsh pesticides. Grapes are consistently named in the “Dirty Dozen,” a list of produce with the highest amount of pesticides. You will want to always buy organic, and be sure to wash your grapes well.

Golden raisins are higher in antioxidants because of the sulfites used to preserve their color during processing. However, those who need to avoid sulfites should steer clear of golden raisins.

To add some raisins into your life, consider adding them to salads, on yogurt or oatmeal and in granola and baked goods, or just alone as snacks.

Grapes are wonderful, easy snacks, but also great in chicken salads and yogurt parfaits. You can roast as a side dish or in place of roasted tomatoes in recipes, or in pies and tarts.

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So what should you choose? Grapes or raisins?

Choose grapes if you are looking for a high vitamin and mineral content, hydration, and low calories. If you are looking to lose weight and need a filling snack, stick with raw grapes. If you are diabetic or need to watch your sugar, also choose grapes.

Choose raisins if you are okay with higher calories. If you are diabetic or need to watch your sugar, steer clear of raisins as they contain high amounts of sugar. Athletes can use raisins for an energy boost instead of processed energy snack alternatives during a competition or intense workout. If you are needing more antioxidants to boost your health, such as for heart health, healing infection, or cancer, pick raisins which have three times the antioxidant boost.

It’s best to get a balanced mix of fresh and dried fruits, since both have different benefits and drawbacks. The fact is both grapes and raisins are healthy, so incorporating both into your diet is important. You can, however, easily go overboard with raisins because of their high calorie and sugar content per serving. Balance is key, so try both!