Removing This One Thing From Your Diet Can Give You Beautiful Clear Skin

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No matter how confident you might feel about your body, when you have pimples or acne, you will naturally feel less self-confident. Clear, clean, beautiful skin is a sign of good health as well as good hygiene.

For many people, trying to improve the appearance of your skin from the outside with lotions, creams, cleansers, special soaps and astringents just don’t seem to work. Perhaps this is because for many the problem starts inside, not outside the skin. Giving your body what it needs from the inside often shows up on the outside.

There is no denying it; eating a balanced diet loaded with healthy vegetables, fruits, and whole grain plants is going to give your body what it needs for optimal health. Ok, so this is nothing new, right? But even though you are trying to eat healthy, you might find that you are still having problems with acne and zits. Perhaps this is because you have overlooked the one ingredient that is keeping you from having a completely clear and beautiful complexion.

Skin problems affect many people, no matter how carefully they try to watch their diet, practice good hygiene and stay hydrated. If you suffer from any of the following, removing this one thing and it should stop all of these problems:

      • Dryness or flaky skin
      • Acne and pimples
      • Red patches
      • Broken blood vessels
      • Puffiness, especially around the eyes
      • Uneven skin tone
      • Dark under eye circles
      • Very oily skin
      • Whiteheads
      • Excessive or early wrinkling
      • Dull skin tone
      • Blackheads

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What is this one thing that causes so many skin problems? Refined sugar.

Your body uses a process called glycation to deal with refined sugars. Refined sugar attaches to the protein in the body, which is then eliminated. This is what causes so much skin damage. When the sugar/protein molecules form, they attack elastin and collagen. These are the building blocks that support healthy skin.

We are talking about refined sugar here, such as plain table sugar, confectioners’ sugar, brown sugar, sugar in the raw, cane sugar, and sugar from beets. Although honey is a natural sugar, nature certainly didn’t intend us to eat cups of it each week. Honey was a treat that humans got perhaps two or three times a year as it was difficult to come by. Consuming honey as a treat, or using it when you have a cough is acceptable. Using tons of it to replace sugar in your diet is not. Use only stevia or fruit, fruit juice, or dried fruit when you crave something sweet.

One study found that those who suffered from a red, itchy type of eczema called atopic dermatitis often consumed much higher amounts of sugar than those who had clear skin.

We understand that refined sugar tastes great but what it does do to your body is anything but great. Refined sugar is addicting as well, so removing it from your diet can give you withdrawal symptoms and some serious cravings. Some people do better removing it a bit at a time, others prefer to go cold turkey. Regardless of which method works for you, the key is to do it and wait for a minimum of 60 days completely sugar free before you decide whether or not this has worked to clear up your skin problems.

Don’t forget that taking care of your skin is also important. Many over the counter skin cleansers and lotions contain harsh chemicals that are not good for everyone’s skin.


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Try using raw honey as both a face wash and a natural moisturizer. Aloe Vera gel is known to help prevent pimples and hydrate the skin. Yogurt masks will help give you a natural, beautiful glow to the skin and plain old rose water is a natural moisturizer that balances the pH of the skin. Brown sugar, although not good for your insides, is great for the outsides. Studies show that it not only helps to remove dead skin cells, but it helps to prevent wrinkles as well.

Remove sugar from your diet and note the beautiful results!