How To Save Real Money On Real Food

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4. Buy Dry Beans Instead of Canned

This can save you some major money over time. Simply buy dry beans in bulk and use a slow cooker to cook them as you need them. Simple, natural, and cheap! The same goes for bagged rice. Many stores sell rice in bulk. Buy your own container and store your rice instead of buying those small, prepackaged plastic bags.


5.  Stop Buying Fruit Juice

Most of you have already stopped buying sodas and energy drinks, but why not save even more money by ditching the juice? You can make your own, fresh and natural, from fresh organic fruit. This is a great way to use up fruit that is about to go bad or you can enjoy juice when fruit is in season and is super cheap. Read more how to start juicing.


6. Stop Wasting Money on Paper Towels

Seriously, you can go through a roll of paper towels in a matter of days and that really adds up! Simply make a stash of washable rags to clean up spills. Use old kitchen towels, cloth napkins, or some cut up T-shirts.

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