How to Get Started Juicing, How to do it Right, and What to Avoid

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Have you had some serious thoughts about juicing? Do you see your friends at the gym or at work talking about some spinach/strawberry juice they just tried and wondered if you would like it? What’s stopping you? Many people are nervous or afraid to get into juicing because of the unknown. How will I do it? How will I feel? Will it make others think I’m weird?

Juicing is a terrific way to cleanse the body and fill it with nutrition, but juicing sometimes has some misconceptions attached to it. Too much a good thing, no matter how healthy and natural it might be, can become a bad thing. Even water, in excessive amounts, can kill you, so before you jump on the juice bandwagon, keep reading to find out some important things you should know and how you should get started. If anyone tells you that juicing is weird, they are just in denial about all the dangers of the foods they are eating and they simply aren’t aware- yet- about the joys of juicing. Keep reading! We’ve even included a couple recipes at the end of this article to help get your started.


Why Juice?

As you probably already know, juicing is an easy, speedy way to get essential vitamins and minerals into your body. Also, because you are mixing it at home, you know exactly what is in it, and what you are getting – not to mention what you AREN’T getting, such as preservatives and sugars. Juicing has moved past the simple strawberries, bananas, and ice recipes of the past. There are countless recipes online to mix and match the nutrition you need, but might not eat every day.

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