How To Save Real Money On Real Food

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Do you find yourself wondering how many people seem to manage to eat so well when food is so expensive? OK, not just food, everything seems expensive lately, doesn’t it? After you pay for your mortgage, your cars, the insurance, clothes, utility bills, and gas, there doesn’t seem to be much left to buy food.

Many people believe that in order to eat healthy they have to shop at those “organic” stores and spend huge amounts of money. Well, all you really need is to feed your family a natural, unprocessed food diet.

Getting some real savings on real food isn’t nearly as hard as you think; especially once you learn a few tricks.


1.  Make a Meal Plan

OK, this probably isn’t anything new, but how many of you actually do it? This wouldn’t turn up on so many “save money” sites if it didn’t work. Planning your meals in advance will save you money because you aren’t running to the store to buy this and that (generally at full price). Make it easy on yourself and check out some of the internet sites that list cheap meals along with their ingredients. Plan a week (or more) in advance but always leave a little wiggle room for those unexpected nights when a flat tire or bad weather has you coming home too late to make your planned meal. Read also about 20 items you need on your next grocery list. 


2. Keep Food Inventories

All your efforts at saving pennies won’t add up if you end up throwing away most of what you bought! The old saying “out of sight out of mind” certainly applies when it comes to your fridge or freezer. (Until they start to smell!) Keeping an inventory of items will keep you from throwing out food. Generally, put items you bought first and are the most perishable at the top of the list and work down from there.


3.  Use the Clearance Rack

Don’t be shy! Almost every single grocery store in America has a clearance rack (look at the back of the store). You will find everything there from day old produce to toilet paper that someone opened to a bag of dog food that had a small hole in it, and even shampoo and deodorant that didn’t sell well.

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