Shocking Truth about Factory Farms Infographic

Factory farms are referred to as CAFO’s confined animal feeding operations, and while it may sound harmless we assure you it isn’t.  There is a reason why these companies work so diligently to make sure we are never shown what really happens in these animal cruelty factories, in fact the state of Iowa has gone as far as proposing a law to make it illegal to show undercover films taken of what goes on in these killing stations.  If we saw the shocking truth of the filth and the cruelty these animals endure there would be far more conversions to vegetarianism.

With the amount of steroids injected into their bodies and their food supplies to make them grow freakishly fast and large, and the waste products from these farms polluting our environment the EPA has gone as far as comparing these sites to Chernobyl.  This is precisely the reason for the unexplainable rise in Americans contracting the deadly virus MRSA (methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus infection).

The following infographic explains the negative effects these farms pose our land and water supplies and precisely the negative effects on our bodies for eating these foods.  This is all the more reason to support your local organic farmer and to serve your family antibiotic free foods for their continued health.

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