Stop Joint Pain and Inflammation with One Little Fruit

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Another interesting study involved cholesterol. Rats that were fed a high cholesterol diet were then given tart cherries to eat. After consuming these fresh fruits, inflammation sites in the heart and the belly, were much lower, along with lowered body fat, weight, abdominal fat, and lower cholesterol levels in general. This study, performed in 2011, showed a 26 percent decrease in cholesterol levels and a 65 percent reduction in early mortality rates. Pretty impressive results for one little red marble sized fruit!

Even sweet cherries can reduce the number of markers associated with inflammatory diseases. However, tart cherries are what are recommended because they don’t contain the sugar or calories that sweet cherries have.

It’s interesting to note that the FDA has threatened cherry farmers to stop using these studies in their ad’s promoting cherries. The FDA went so far as to send out warning letters to cherry farmers insisting that they stop making “unsubstantiated” claims regarding cherries and their ability to reduce pain and inflammation. You can’t help but wonder if Big Pharmacy is behind these letters, since a 60 percent market share of all medications sold is a big chunk of money.

So even though the FDA might be trying to keep this super food under wraps, but they can’t control the internet and freedom of the press, nor can they control freedom of speech. You can look at the studies and come to the same conclusion that many scientists will tell you themselves: that tart cherries can help reduce osteoarthritis, obesity, gout, metabolic syndrome, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and cardiovascular disease.


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Although there is no specific regime that has been recommended so far, it’s clear that consuming tart cherries, in whatever form you choose, can help manage gout and arthritis pain. Try drinking at least 8 ounces of fresh, organic tart cherry juice, consuming extract supplements according to directions, or eating a handful or two of fresh or dried tart cherries daily. What have you got to lose but some inflammation and pain?


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