6 Super Quick and Super Easy DIY Personal Care Products

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Photo credit: bigstock

Don’t you just love making your own personal care products? It is so nice to know exactly what is in the products you are using! Better still, it feels so good knowing what ISN’T in the products you are using!

But sometimes, doesn’t it feel like some recipes are so time consuming? Or they use things you just don’t normally have at home, so you need to make a special trip or try to remember it on your next shopping trip? Then you find out that you waited too long and you’ve run out of something, and then you are faced with the dilemma of choosing between using the chemical filled junky stuff or not washing your hair. Or brushing your teeth only with water?

Well, we have 6 super easy and super quick recipes that don’t require anything special, most of this stuff you should have in your house and you can whip them up in a matter of minutes.

Keep reading! These are so easy, you might start using these recipes instead of your usual!


1.  Two Ingredient Leave-In Conditioner

You’ve got to love this recipe, two ingredients and you’re done! If you get frizzy hair after it dries and you usually use those leave in conditioners, this is a great one to try instead.

Simply mix one part conditioner (any kind, even your homemade type will do) and two parts hot water. Not boiling water, just plain old hot water from the tap. For example, you can use 4 ounces of conditioner with 8 ounces of hot water and mix it in a 12 ounce spray bottle. Shake well and spritz your ends when they are about half way dry.

Now, you could spruce this up a bit and add a bit of coconut oil or argan oil, but if you don’t have any, this recipe works just great as is. This is also the perfect hair detangler for kids.


2.  Whipped Coconut Oil Body Moisturizer

This is another good recipe; it has only 1 ingredient, unless you would like to add some essential oils for scent. If you get super dry skin (and who doesn’t in the winter?!) Then this is the perfect recipe for you. It can prevent wrinkles, and helps those of you who have skin problems such as psoriasis or eczema. You will absolutely love this recipe. Find some pretty glass containers and give some out as gifts!

This is so easy, you won’t believe it. Simply put 2 cups of coconut oil into a mixing bowl. If it’s gotten hard, break it up into smaller chunks. Bring out your mixer and turn it on high. Scrape down the sides of the bowl a few times and continue to whip the oil until it turns into something that looks like butter or butter cream. If you want to add any essential oils for scent, this is the time to do it. Keep mixing until everything is smooth and creamy and you are done! How easy is that?!

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