Summertime Favorites: Essential Oils You Can’t Do Without!

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2.  Lime

You are most likely already thinking about some tequila and salt! Lime oil actually comes from the peel of the lime and not the fruit itself. There is something about the scent of lime that puts you in a good mood. Who can resist smiling when the air is filled with the delicious scent of lime?

Lime has many beneficial qualities. It’s naturally antibacterial, antiviral, antiseptic and restorative. Lime is traditionally used to treat a weakened immune system and digestive support, but it also can’t be beat for improving your mood. Lime helps to remove stagnant energies such as despair, grief and apathy. This oil goes well with the heart center, helping you to clear out trapped emotions and allowing you to open yourself up to life once more. Diffuse some lime essential oil into the air to help relieve highly stressful situations. Lime oil can lower your blood pressure just by smelling it.

You can also add one drop of lime essential oil into a glass of water for some extra relief and immune-boosting power. If you have been feeling down in the dumps despite the summer weather, this is the essential oil for you.

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