Summertime Favorites: Essential Oils You Can’t Do Without!

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3. Calendula

Sometimes called marigold, this earthy-smelling flower is perfect for those with sensitive skin who find other oils or lotions irritating. Calendula flower has anti-inflammatory, astringent, antifungal and antibacterial compounds that help small wounds, minor cuts and scratches, as well as itching bug bites or stings heal quickly.

You can put two drops of calendula essential oil in a tablespoon of olive oil or coconut oil and apply this to almost all skin irritations and minor skin problems. This flower even works well for those with psoriasis or eczema! For a super all-over skin tonic, put two or three drops in a bath and soak away those itchy, burning skin problems. This is a great choice for those with small children as it will not harm or irritate their sensitive skin.

Always dilute with a carrier oil, and apply to a small test area to be certain it won’t bother delicate skin.

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