Super Foods From Ancient Civilizations

Dates fruit. Pile of fresh dried date fruits in a basket.

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With the introduction and huge popularity of the Paleo diet, people are asking themselves, what exactly did ancient cultures eat before they took up massive farming and agriculture endeavors?

Perhaps a better question would be are you eating healthy? Or do you only think that you are? Some people eat a salad for lunch every day and believe that this makes their diet healthy, even if they pick up some fast food for dinner on the way home. How much do you really know about what makes up the staples of your diet? Should you try to incorporate the staples of ancient civilizations into your modern day world?

Unfortunately, many of the herbs and tinctures that were used for centuries are difficult or impossible to find, so you would have to create those yourself.  Also, so many of what were once considered to be healthy staples are now GMO or so devoid of nutrients due to compromised soil that eating them is no guarantee of anything.

Consider growing as much of these ancient foods for yourself, to ensure your body gets the optimal nutrition that the ancients once did.

Keep reading and learn what some of the oldest civilizations on the planet consumed:

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