Top 10 Signs You Are Eating Healthy


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When we are talking about a healthy diet we aren’t talking about dieting, although if you are eating right, you most likely did lose some weight. A terrific eating plan will include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, vegetable protein and some occasional lean meat.

A sound nutritional plan doesn’t leave out any one food group but has just enough of everything your body needs to look and feel great. Once you make the commitment to eat right for your body, you can’t help but want to tell everyone you know how great you feel. This is a list of the top 10 signs you are eating right and are on the right track to great health.


1. You have good cholesterol levels

Although some people can eat tons of fat and not have any problems with their cholesterol, this is simply nothing more than the luck of the genetic draw.

For most of us, however, you will need regular checks of your cholesterol, both good and bad cholesterol, from your doctor. When you are eating a healthy, balanced diet, your cholesterol levels will be a telling factor.

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